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U13 ISNC Final Results

Congratulations to Stockport Grammar who won 26-25 against Redmaid’s High School.

The last final of the day was between Redmaid’s High School and Stockport Grammar School. The electronic scoreboard found it difficult to recover from the excitement of the previous game and therefore spectators nervously kept score and time as the quarter finished 8-5 to Stockport. Impressive skills with sharp turns and high release points from Stockport’s attacking units saw them remain in the lead at both the halfway point and up 22-18 going into the final quarter. However the tension of the final quarter seemed to effect the shooting efficiency of the Stockport team and the effect rebounding and boxing out skills of Redmaids defence, combined with some great split landings from Redmaids GA brought the score up to 25-23 in their favour. However Stockport became more patient in attack and by working the ball around and getting close to the post, they drew contacts from the Redmaids defence and brought the game back level before taking the lead with only seconds remaining! Congratulations to Stockport Grammar School on the 1 goal win and Redmaids High School on an exciting final.